Healing doesn't mean an end of disease or illness; true healing takes place when we find peace within ourselves no matter our outer life circumstances

Self Care & Well Being through Energy Healing

Self Care Challenge


Where are you on your list of priorities?

Do you find you slip further down the list each day?

Do you take care of everyone else's needs before your own?

Are you tired, exhausted and fed up with no time to spend on you at the end of the day?

Isn't it time you put yourself TOP of the list?

I have to be totally honest with you and tell you that I've had a difficult few months and I too have been seriously struggling.  It’s proved difficult to balance having the kids off school, keeping them entertained, working with clients and finding “quiet” time in the day for me.  

While the total change in routine during the summer has been a major factor in this there is a deeper issue beneath the surface and I must confess I let my “me time” slide.

It’s been a tough learning curve, but I’ve been here before and because of that I know that I will get back to living life fully and feeling well again.  I let my self-care and my wellbeing slip through my fingers and the only person that can fix that for me is ME.

So my focus at the moment is on finding my way, addressing my needs, enriching my energy but it’s more fun with friends and with support so I’m sharing my journey with you.

In fact I’m challenging you to join me!

The self care challenge is an opportunity to identify where you fit on your priorities list and ensure you make the time in your day and in your life to care for yourself and even better - it's completely FREE!

Why a challenge?

Making any sort of change in life is a challenge.

If you've spent a long time taking care of others or feeling unworthy or undeserving to take the time to care for yourself you may feel spending time or focusing on your needs leads to thoughts of guilt or you may have a subconscious belief that to do so is selfish.  

As a mother to three school going children, a homemaker, self-employed business owner and energy healer, I understand the challenge of trying to find a balance between all those areas that demand time and attention, and when pulled in multiple directions taking time for yourself can seem a selfish act.

Here's the thing though, focusing on your self isn't selfish, it's self CARE.  

Putting yourself top of the priorities list means you have more energy and a richer support reservoir from which to give to those you love.

I know this to be true because as an energy healer it would be unethical of me to facilitate healing for another person before taking care of my own energy needs - why - because I wouldn't be a clear channel for healing energy to flow.  

If we don't care for our own needs, we are of no benefit or real support to those who need us most.

Actions speak louder than words and if you really want to make a difference to life it starts with how you care for yourself.

There's no catch the challenge is totally FREE - it’s just me sharing my knowledge and journey with you.  The Self Care Challenge kick starts on 1st September and lasts for 30 consecutive days.

During this time you will:

=> learn how to motivate yourself into action when you’re struggling,

=> identify what simple steps you can take to feel better,

=> build new skills and awaken those that you already possess,

=> recognise your strengths and your ability to heal yourself,

=> find support from a community of people who understand.


What's involved?

The challenge lasts for 30 consecutive days, broken into four weeks.  Each week you will be given a mission to complete and each day you will receive an email with instructions to help you to work through the mission you've been given.

These missions are designed to  help you to awaken an awareness of how self care can become a integrative part of your day, every day and to discover how introducing simple steps can have a huge impact on your life.  

=> You will learn to identify what areas of self care YOU need to focus on; how to find the time in your day, what skills you already possess to care for your needs and how to put a self care plan in place to work for YOUR life.

=> Along the way you will receive daily motivation and support via the email messages. 

=> Tips and techniques for tapping into your inner reservoir of tranquility and healing.

=> You will be invited to join the Tranquil Self Care group on Facebook for support from others who are working their way through the self care challenge.  

=> Live Q&A sessions in the group so you can perfect your practice or share feedback to help others.

AND You will have access to videos, exercises and templates that I use to support my clients and my own self care practice.


What are you waiting for?  Contact me with your questions or start Prioritising YOU and sign up using the link below.

I’m looking forward to sharing this healing journey with you.

Warmest wishes,