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Rahanni Celestial Healing - Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rahanni mean?

Rahanni was the name given to Carol Anne Stacey when she first discovered this healing modality.  The word itself can be broken into two parts: 'Ra', relating to the ancient sun God honoured by the Egyptians.   The sun represents light, warmth, and growth. This made the sun deity very important.  While 'hanni'  is a female name of Hebrew origin meaning Grace and Favour.  Therefore, Rahanni itself can be considered the healing grace favoured by that which gives us life, bringing light, warmth and growth.

How does Rahanni work?

During a Rahanni session, the healer facilitates the channeling of energy (Rahanni) based on the energy of the healing recipient.  The healing recipient's energy determines at all times the amount of energy needed and where it is needed.  Nothing is ever forced.  The focus of healing during a Rahanni session is for the Highest Good of the healing recipient.  The healing session focuses on channeling Rahanni energy to the healing recipient when and where it is needed; while also, allowing the healing recipient to release any stale, dross or negative energy that is held within their energy matrix for whatever reason.  Healing can take place on a mental, physical or spiritual level, depending on the needs of the healing recipient.  Rahanni Celestial Healing may also be learned as a self-healing and self care practice in which case the healing recipient acts as the channel and recipient for healing.  Many people comment how gentle yet powerful a Rahanni Celestial Healing session feels.

How does Rahanni Celestial Healing differ from a Reiki Healing?

Both Rahanni Celestial Healing and Reiki Healing are energy based healing modalities, both work with the healing recipient's energy at a pace and level that is right for them, healing is never forced.  They both address imbalances within the healing recipient's energetic body that are creating disharmony and aim to help the healing recipient to return to a balanced state.  The difference between the two healing modalities seems to be in the focus of acceptance and release.  Healing recipients are drawn towards Reiki to address imbalances within their life that they may not fully understand the deeper cause; while healing recipients are drawn towards Rahanni with the distinct intention of 'letting go', they usually have a good idea of what is not working in their lives, but can't seem to be able to shift it.  Another key difference between the two energy healing modalities is that Reiki is very much an Earth based healing modality; while Rahanni is a celestial healing modality, meaning it comes from beyond the Earth's energy.

What happens during a Rahanni session?

During a session the healing recipient lies fully clothed in a supported and comfortable position either on a bed, mat or therapy couch. Rahanni can be given on a chair also depending on the facilities and the requirements of the healing recipient.  The healing recipient may be covered in a blanket for warmth with a pillow under their head and knees for support.  Before the session the Rahanni practitioner explains what will happen during the session and answer any questions that the healing recipient may have.   There may be dim lighting, relaxing music and candles lit to enhance the relaxing environment, but this is not a prerequisite for Rahanni energy to flow.

The Rahanni session begins with the practitioner gently placing their hands on the healing recipient's shoulders to connect to their energy; they will then proceed to place their hands on or above different areas of the healing recipient's body, depending on where the energy is required.  A Rahanni practitioner should never place their hands on a private area of a healing recipient's body under any circumstances; if energy is required in these areas the hands may be held above without touching.  The energy will always be drawn to where it is needed.

During the session the healing recipient should be comfortable and relaxed.  They may drift asleep or into a deep meditative state.  They may feel heat from the healer's hands, a gentle tingling or nothing at all.  Some healing recipients report seeing colours, or having wondrous visions.  As the mind drifts into a meditative trance state during an energy healing it is not unusual to have these experiences.  However, it is important to note that no two sessions are the same, everyone receives Rahanni in a manner that is right for them and their energy at the time.

When the session is complete the healing practitioner disconnects the healing channel between the healing recipient and themselves and will gently wake the healing recipient, helping them from the couch into a seat and giving them a glass of water.  The practitioner should then give a thorough feedback to the healing recipient about what occurred during the session and answer any questions the healing recipient may have.

Please note: Rahanni practitioners are not qualified to diagnose conditions or provide medical opinions; rather they work with clients through the use of energy, relaxation and rebalance which complement conventional medical treatment.  If you have signs of disease or illness it is important that you seek medical advice from your GP or consultant.

Is Rahanni safe during Pregnancy?

Rahanni is an energy healing modality which means it is a non-intrusive healing therapy and does not require the manipulation of muscles, tissue or the skeletal system, making it perfectly safe for pregnancy and almost all medical conditions.  Rahanni can be channeled for the Mother or Mother and Baby, depending on the needs and wishes of the healing recipient. 

How long is a Rahanni session?

A healing treatment consist of 45 minute healing, as well as 15 minutes consultation pre and post healing.  Allow sufficient time when booking a healing session; approximately 1&1/2 hour.

How long do the effects of a healing session last?

The long term effects of energy healing is that it often coincides with a deeper shift in the awareness of the healing recipient.  When combined with a concerted effort on the part of the healing recipient to work with the healing session feedback  and to make even small simple steps towards their long term healing, it's affect on long term health and well being cannot be underestimated.

As all sessions are unique and work with the individual energy of the healing recipient, as well as each person having unique life circumstances, there is no hard and fast rule for how long the effects of any one session will last.  On average most healing recipients can feel the physical benefit of a treatment from three to five days afterwards; while the emotional and mental aspects can last forever.

Will I need more than one session?

At Tranquil Spirit Emily caters for healing sessions booked individually for relaxation, to de-stress and on a more relaxed schedule if that is preferred.  However, depending on your particular circumstances and requirements, a set of sessions may be advised.  If you have never received energy healing before and are unsure if it is for you; we offer a once off Introductory Healing Session to give you an idea of the benefits of a healing session.

As well as single healing sessions; we offer a discounted course of treatments; as well as the tailor made Tranquil Healing Program; designed to take the client from their first treatment to maintaining their well being with self healing practice by learning Rahanni for themselves.  This option is suitable for those who wish to see real and lasting change in their lifestyle.

Can I learn Rahanni for myself?

Absolutely, in fact if you have found Rahanni beneficial, and feel drawn to learn it for yourself it is a wonderful step towards long term health and well being; not only for you but for your family and friends also.  Through Tranquil Spirit courses and workshops, Emily offers Rahanni Celestial Healing training from Practitioner to Teacher level. 

There is no obligation to train in both levels.  Some students learn level 1, the practitioner level and find that is all they need to maintain their own energy and work with family and friends.  While others decide to pursue a career in healing and study the Teacher level also, to enable them to share Rahanni Celestial Healing with others. There is further information on Rahanni Celestial Healing training and workshops here.

How do I choose a practitioner that is right for me?

When choosing a therapist it is perfectly acceptable for you to ask questions; ask if they are affiliated with a federation or association that has a code of ethics they must adhere to.  Currently there is no association or organisation dedicated to Rahanni Celestial Healing but as many therapists will practice a range of therapies they may be associated with a professional organisation for another therapy, denoting their adherence to a code of ethics .

Ask the practitioner if they practice self-healing and receive regular sessions themselves.  It is vital that energy healing practitioners maintain their own well being in order to be clear channels of energy for others.  Ask them if they attend other workshops or classes for CPD (continued professional development).  Remember it is not the practitioner that is in control during a healing session; but your energy.  Your energy decides the amount of healing necessary so no practitioner can or should force energy where it is not needed. 

If a practitioner has answered the above questions to your satisfaction, and you feel comfortable when talking with them, then it is likely that they are the right practitioner for you.

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