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I Took Some Time for Me

Posted on 15 January, 2018 at 9:00

What a simple sentence. It doesn’t sound like such a big deal but I have to admit it was a real inner battle to allow myself to take some time for me these last few weeks.

The battle between knowing a rest is needed while also coping with a house full of illness, children home on their school holidays and a constant self critique and overwhelming inner programming to do, do, do; I have been constantly reminding myself that it is okay to take some time out. That rest is important.  But the biggest realisation I've had is how hard I had to battle to get the rest I needed.

Shortly before the Christmas holidays I drew the Rest card for myself when looking for a message from the Angels and both the image and message completely resonated with how I was feeling. For quite some time I had been feeling demotivated, confused and without passion for anything. Mostly a mental confusion and demotivation, I couldn’t seem to make a decision about just what I wanted from life. So searching for advice and guidance I shuffled and dealt the cards and the message I received was to rest.

“Let go of your need to control and take a break. Rest assured your prayers have been heard, and wait for divine timing.”

The imagery on the card was also very relevant to the card’s meaning; the different shades of blue all denoting the many aspects of communication, as well as the pregnant lady resting beneath the roots of the tree. This imagery can denote incubating and giving birth to new life, be it new ideas or creative projects. The tree representing the tree of life and the roots below pointing to where our energy and spiritual nourishment comes from. All the ribbons on the tree showering blessings as well as filtering all the many thoughts, ideas and possibilities that were causing confusion.

The cards had given me the perfect advice. I was trying to force creativity rather than allow it to flow to me. Have you ever tried to do that? I know, it never works. Rather, the perfect solution will come when you don’t expect it. The message in the cards was right, my mind was in control mode and my energy needed to be in rest and receive mode.

So I took some time for myself. It turned out to be an extended break as I clearly hadn’t paid full attention to the message the first time. As much as my intellect understood the need to rest my inner programming just wasn’t getting the message. One of the greatest realisations I’ve had over my break was how much pressure I felt to “get things done” - even when I didn’t know what it was I “needed” to get done; there was just this constant urge that I needed to be busy. Every molecule within my being fought against resting. My mind and my physical body were so intensely programmed to be doing; the extended break I was taking was completely confusing my energy. It really made me pay attention to the battle that was taking place within.

It was a battle for control; a power struggle between my spirit and my mind. But fortunately my spirit won out; and when my mind finally accepted that I was unable to make any important decisions in my current state it let go.

A good friend reminded me of the words “Thy will be done” from the Christian prayer the Our Father and it resonated, so I gave myself over to the energy of my spirit. Rather than focusing on making decisions I focused on listening to my body, my energy. I rested when I needed to rest and I paid attention when I felt the urge to take action; questioning where the origin of the impulse came from. Was I being urged from fear or from a genuine impulse to take action?

It took some getting used to and at times I felt I may end up stuck in a limbo of indecisiveness; but as if on cue, I felt a reignition of my passion and drive return. The answers that had eluded me were at once clear and simple. Every ounce of my being and my energy felt at peace with the decision I was making and I knew that it came from a place of Love and not from fear.

Why am I sharing this with you?

This is a theme that is not unfamiliar to me. I have helped many clients heal through passages of indecision, feeling stuck, loss of passion and demotivation; and yet while I have helped them find the answers they needed to hear; it was very much a case of needing to take my own advice on board -.to walk the talk.

It’s also a recognition for anyone else who is feeling the same way, that taking the time to rest is a valuable exercise (pardon the pun). Rest doesn’t mean that we are avoiding issues in our life. Rest is a very important state for the physical body, the mind, our emotions and for our energy. It is when we are resting that we are in the best state possible to listen to our energy. To hear the impulses and urges of our heart and to listen to the passion of our spirit again.

If you have been avoiding taking time out to rest, consider this post a gentle reminder that if you feel stuck right now, it’s because you’re being encouraged to take a break.

You may be blocked from moving forward until you hear what you’ve been too busy to listen to. Take time to rest and when you do, you’re in the perfect state to receive: be it creativity, imagination or to make a clear and simple decision.

Have you had similar insights before?

What important message were you not hearing and how did it manifest itself for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments below.

Warmest wishes,


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