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Have you Balanced the Busy in your Day Today?

Posted on 27 August, 2017 at 10:05


Stress builds up in our lives when we forget to take the time out of our busy schedule to allow our energy to rebalance. When we deny ourselves time to relax, not just rest, but relax deeply.

True relaxation gives our body time to heal, it gives our cells time to regenerate, it gives our minds time to be quiet and our emotions time to release.

Today, I've made a special effort to take it easy.

There are still things that need to get done, but I'm not rushing from one thing to another as I have done in the recent past. I've also reversed my normal self care routine starting the day with a 15 minute Reiki Self Healing session before any thing else and it made a wonderful difference to my day.

When I need to take time to relax my top tools are Angel Cards and Energy Healing.

Angel Cards act like oracles, rather than divining the future they give insight and guidance, helping me to find clarity and focus:


An Angel card reading helps me to:


- identify factors blocking my self care,

- recognise strengths I already possess,

- provide suggestions to enhance my self care experience,

- give insight to help me succeed with challenges.



I also use energy healing for helping me to balance the busy and address my mental and emotional self care needs.  Reiki and Rahanni self care practice helps me  to awaken my energy, rebalance my mood and address any tension and pain. 

Using energy healing as a self care practice has helped me to:

- rebalance the energy of my mental, emotional and physical bodies,

- bring relief to physical or mental/emotional stress,

- provide insight into self care blocks or self sabotage,

- release tension, pain, frustration or any energies that no longer feel good.

I have learned from experience how important it is  to balance all our doing with some time to simply be and let ourselves receive energy.

Do you make time for yourself in your busy day?

What have you done to relax today?

I would love to hear your top tips and what tools you use for self care and well being and what you find helpful in your busy day.

If you want your life to change, you must be the change.

Warmest wishes,

Emily xo

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