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Why Reiki will do NOTHING for you

Posted on 8 September, 2017 at 9:30

It used to amaze me, but I believe I have finally become accustomed to hearing stories from people who have experienced a single Reiki healing and tell me “it did nothing for me.” I often wonder if they had a preconceived notion of what Reiki is and how it works, or if the person they received the healing from was marketing it as a “cure all” therapy.


When I first began learning Reiki in Autumn 2005, I wasn’t fully aware of just how popular it had become, as it was still relatively new to me. When I learned how to use Reiki in my life, I was definitely filled with unbridled enthusiasm for all the many wondrous possibilities that access to this healing practice gave me and I certainly felt I could heal the world with my hands, if only the world would open up and let me.


Herein lies the problem; not everyone in the world wants to be healed!


I don’t mean this as a get out clause if a healing session with me doesn’t result in miraculous things. What I do mean is, our understanding of all the many variables that result in illness, dis-ease and imbalance in our lives, is limited; and to believe a single or even three or four sessions with this wonderful energy is going to solve such complicated issues is wishful thinking.


Here’s what I do know from experience. Working with and receiving Reiki energy for me is akin to the feeling of coming home. A love that fills you in it’s entirety; a warmth that seeps into and flows through your bloodstream, bringing peace, comfort and clarity.


In practice, if you do open yourself to the energy of Reiki it places you in a position to allow your physical body’s natural healing ability to flow freely. It allows your busy mind a break from over thinking so you can hear your inner insight, wisdom and knowledge clearly. It allows your emotional energy a space in which to find harmony, and it allows your spiritual self a place to breathe.


It is in the practice of Reiki healing that you identify why you may be blocking your healing.


It is in the practice of Reiki healing that you accept, without denial or judgement the emotions you are feeling.


It is in the practice of Reiki healing that you attribute where, why and what gave rise to these feelings.


It is in the practice of Reiki healing that you learn how you can act upon these feelings (if necessary).


Is Reiki a “cure all” therapy? No! Reiki is a practice that allows you the ability to work with your own energy to find peace, calm and clarity. This is where it has the ability to heal.


If you expect this to happen through a single healing session, then I am sorry to say that Reiki will do NOTHING for you - aside from bring you some peace, calm, relaxation and, with the right healer, some insight if needs be.


If you want to discover the real benefit of Reiki, it lies in opening yourself to the practice of working with Reiki energy as a self care practice.


Have I peaked your interest? Would you like to discover the benefits of Reiki for yourself?


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