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Get to Know the Real You

Posted on 17 May, 2017 at 8:00

Have you ever been surprised by some one else describing you and it sounds as though they are talking about a different person?

Do you consider yourself to have a good opinion of yourself or are you overly critical or harsh with yourself?

Do you hold yourself accountable to such a high standard that it's impossible to live up to or do you have a balanced perspective?

How we see ourselves can be shaped by so many factors in our life.  It is shaped by our upbringing, our culture, our society.  It is shaped by our experiencces throughout life and by who we have been surrounded by.

I remember my very first date with my husband and how he showered me with compliments to such a degree that I really didn't believe a word of it.  I openly accused him of having an ulterior motive and asked him what he was "after." His response to me was amazement at how I couldn't see myself clearly and this reminded me of conversations I'd had with friends that also didn't seem to correlate the person they described with who I thought I was.

For most of my life growing up I had very low levels of self-esteem and self-belief.  I felt very limited in my ability to believe I could make a difference in my own life and this led me to often feel stuck, indecisive, unmotivated and uninspired.  I found myself easily swayed by others when they showed conviction in their beliefs and opinions and I often wished I knew my own mind better.  I found it very hard to see my way clearly in most areas of my life, because at the heart of it I had no real clear idea of who I was and what I wanted for myself.

The consequences of having very shoddy foundations in my self belief meant I had an unbalanced dialogue going on in my mind.  I had an unbalanced sense of self and this led to a very pessimistic viewpoint of the world and my place in it.  Our bodies respond to the constant negativity with it's own negativity and I found myself stressed, tired, lethargic and eventually diagnosed with chronic depression. 

I liken my experience as a Hamster that has lost control of the spinning wheel it's playing with, until finally the momentum of the wheel has taken over and the poor hamster (me) has fallen and is being bumped around by the wheel (life itself).  My negative view of myself, coupled with a lack of self esteem and self belief had finally brought me to my knees and I had to begin to rebuild my life from the inside out.  My version of who I was and what I was capable of in life didn't work and I needed to rebuild my life, starting with a basic foundation and understanding of myself.

Initially I had no clue how I was going to do that. 

If we feel stuck, how do we get unstuck?

If we feel indecisive, how do we start to get decisive?

If we lack direction, how do we engage our inner compass?

If we've no motivation, how do we find motivation and inspiration to try?

I found the answer for me was; SURRENDER and GO WITHIN!

As the metaphorical hamster, I'd had enough.  I couldn't take any more information on board, I needed to crash in order to rebuild my life.  I needed to simply accept that life as it stood wasn't working for me (surrender) and in order to rebuild my life, and set firm foundations for myself going forward I needed to get a more balanced perspective on myself (go-within).  That's exactly what I did.

When we go within we go beyond the egoic mind, which is full of opinions, beliefs and judgement.  We go into a space of quiet contemplation beyond our thinking mind and emotions.  We go into our tranquil spirit.  A font of peace where we can ask our inner selves and hear the real truth that lies within us.


> we stop pushing for answers and we start paying attention.

> we stop pushing for answers and we start listening.

> we stop pushing for answers and we gain insight, clarity and a deeper perspective.

> we stop pushing and we let another side to ourselves do the talking.

> we stop fighting with life and we release the pent up energy that is needed to hold all the tension stress and emotional resistance at bay.

> we stop fighting life and we find peace below the surface.

> we stop pushing and we find our flow and learn to live life rather than do battle.

How do we go within?  Well for me it began with self healing, learning to listen to my body.  Then it became through meditation.  Other times it can take place on a meditative walk or simply when allowing myself some time to close my eyes and listen.  It requires an open heart and an open mind to simply let yourself go deep within yourself and access your tranquil spirit.

On my From Trapped to Free online program, this is the very first lesson I teach.  How to get to know the real you.  One of the exercises I share is a simple meditation to go within and ask your tranquil self some questions.  You don't need to be trained in any form of healing to do this, simply allowing yourself the time to relax and drop into a meditative state is enough.

Try the exercise.  I shared it on a recent #LifeLessonsLive video "Get to Know the Real You" in my Tranquil Self Care group on Facebook.  You must be a member of the group to view the video.  You can join the group here.

It is the starting block to rebuilding and rebalancing your life.  It's like any structure or exercise.  If the foundations are weak or the core isn't strong then it doesn't matter what you do going forward.  Focus on getting to know the real you and watch your attitude to life and yourself change for the better.

Warmest wishes,

Emily xo

* * *

If this is an area that you struggle with then perhaps the From Trapped to Free program is the foundation that you need to restructure your life and make it work for you.  Registration for this term ends at midnight on Friday and I will not be opening the program for another 8 weeks as I will be focusing on working with those who are registered.

From Trapped to Free is PERSONAL FREEDOM delivered on Angel Wings in an ONLINE PACKAGE!

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This online program has flowed from my journey with CHRONIC DEPRESSION to finding FREEDOM and HEALING with the support of my angels and spiritual support team. It has arisen from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE as well as my WORK as an Energy Healing Therapist and working with clients for the last NINE years to help them to discover how focusing on their SELFCARE and their own inner spirit and ENERGY can help them to OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLES in life to discover inner JOY and MOTIVATION and start living life on their own terms.


If you're feeling STUCK or struggling to find a way to get back into the FLOW of Life and start MAKING the CHANGES you know you need to then this online program is the perfect companion to your HEALING journey.


Everything is DELIVERED ONLINE, so you can take this course from the COMFORT OF HOME!

This online EIGHT WEEK PROGRAM consists of FOUR ONLINE TRAINING MODULES delivered fortnightly:

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>> Module 3 = Introduction to the Realm of GUARDIAN Angels, ANGELS and Spirit GUIDES.

>> Module 4 = DEEPEN and DEVELOP your Angelic Connection.

Each module includes:

> VIDEO Lessons with INSTRUCTIONS on EXERCISES and templates for recording your progress;

> AUDIO Guided Visualizations and MEDITATIONS;

> An ONLINE JOURNAL and Templates for completing Exercises and tracking PROGRESS;

All online training modules are available for you to KEEP BEYOND THE 8 WEEKS so you can refer back to the lessons and repeat the exercises as often as you like, as well as utilizing the meditations and visualizations. Plus YOU WILL RECEIVE ANY UPDATES that are made to the modules in the future.

You will also have ONLINE ACCESS TO ME throughout the 8 Weeks of the program for SUPPORT or to answer any questions.



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The benefit of an AEH session is that through the Angel Card Reading it helps you to IDENTIFY what is the CORE theme or ISSUE that is prevalent for you and how you can find HEALING, PEACE and RESOLUTION.


The guided meditation and visualization helps you to firstly FIND SOME RELIEF to any stress or tension that you may be feeling in relation to the core issue and to UTILIZE your own energy matrix to find a RESOLUTION and HEALING.


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