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Flick your Power Switch to Positive

Posted on 2 May, 2017 at 8:05

Did you ever notice how one bad moment in a day can go from one bad day to a bad week to a bad month?  Do you wish you could simply flick a switch and turn your day around. To Flick the Switch to Positive.

I'm not talking about traumatic events but about those days when you simply feel MISERABLE, when you have an overwhelming feeling NOTHING IS GOING YOUR WAY; when EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is driving you nuts; your TIRED, physically and emotionally, perhaps you find yourself snapping at everyone and it feels as though it WILL NEVER GET BETTER?  Recognise those days?

One of my friends today nicknamed me Miss Tranquility but let me assure you I TOO have THOSE DAYS.  No one's life is all rosie.  Whether it's through lack of adequate rest that I feel tired and exhausted or eating the wrong food; coming down off a sugar high, or failing to look after myself to the point where I am physically or mentally unwell (I was diagnosed with chronic depression for the FIRST time aged 22, I'm - ahem - a lot older now).  I understand how a bad day can turn into a bad week if I don't TAKE STEPS to make a difference.

If NOT addressed having a bad day can SPIRAL out into a bad week, or month and can cause us to make BAD DECISIONS, to act from a PLACE OF FEAR, TEMPER or LACK.  It can cause us to ALIENATE those who attempt to help us or with whom we need to COMMUNICATE.  It can create WALLS of ENERGY that block the flow of WHAT we really WANT to enter our lives.  Worse it can affect how we feel about OURSELVES and either lead to or exasperate FEELINGS of LOW SELF-ESTEEM, or SELF-WORTH; draining us of our power to THRIVE.

However, there is always HOPE.  If we learn how to FLICK THE SWITCH and take ACTION to address how we're feeling, or what is happening we can nip that BAD MOOD DAY in the bud and prevent it from SPIRALLING into a BAD WEEK or a BAD MONTH.  It can reawaken our channels of COMMUNICATION and attract the POSITIVE energy we're searching for INTO OUR LIVES.  It can help us to MAKE EMPOWERING DECISIONS, to FEEL SUPPORTED and to COMMUNICATE our needs or our message EFFECTIVELY.

I have learned that in order to FLICK OUR POSITIVE SWITCH on we need to take the following steps:


Recognise the VICIOUS CYCLE between MINDSET, PHYSICAL Feelings and EMOTIONS: 
What I mean by this is recognise that what you are thinking, how you feel physically and the emotions you are feeling, are all intricately interwoven.  For example, if you're feeling physically tired, but are trying to push through regardless, you may find yourself thinking "I can't do this" which causes you to feel useless, or inadequte.  If you're exhausted, it's unlikely you're thinking clearly and your thoughts and emotions feed into each other, as does your body's physical state.


Take action in just one area or address one problem at a time.  If you're feeling physically tired, then get some rest.  If you're feeling miserable but cannot put it down to tiredness, or feeling tired is a symptom rather than the cause, then use an intervention to lift your mood - put on some upbeat music that you enjoy.  Take a gentle walk outdoors.  Use a meditation or visualization.  The important STEP is to address one AREA at a time to BREAK the cycle between mindset, physical body and emotions.  You CANNOT address all three at once, but by addressing one area it can have a KNOCK ON affect to the other areas.


Once you've broken the cycle and hopefully lifted your MOOD.  You need to acknowledge where it came from, and identify how you can prevent it from happening again.  Again using the example of tired, WHY were you tired?  Did you stay up late, or through lack of sleep.  Have you been taking care of your energy, eating well or not eating? 


If we keep repeating the same behaviour we will keep getting the same results.  If it's just one bad day then simply breaking the cycle and addressing it with action this one time should do the trick.  However, IF BAD DAYS ARE CONSISTENT then there is a consistant ACTION or LACK of ACTION that is happening that you are failing to address.  Putting a regular SELF CARE plan in place will ensure that those BAD DAYS are FEW and FAIR BETWEEN.

This is what helped me to keep chronic depression at bay. There were so many factors that affected my mood and what tipped the scale when it came to GOOD DAYS and BAD DAYS.  What has helped me to keep it at bay consistently is IMPLEMETING a SELF CARE routine that WORKS FOR ME.

When you can identify the factors that affect you, then you are arming yourself with the knowledge to implement a self care routine that works for you.

If you STRUGGLE to BREAK THE CYCLE or to identify and acknowledge the CAUSE, then perhaps I can offer some help or support.  I offer 30 Minute Self Care Support Calls that help you to,


>> Identify what is the CORE problem leading to BAD DAYS or STRESS in your life;


>> Figure out WHO and WHAT is draining you of energy;


>> Learn how to PROTECT your Energy and FOCUS from being drained;

>> Discover what ONE STEP you can implement RIGHT NOW to reclaim your energy.

I'm committed to helping you to put your SELF CARE first and making YOURSELF a PRIORITY.

Warmest wishes,


Schedule a Call or find out more here!

P.S.  There is no charge for these calls, they are FREE.  If you're located outside Ireland I offer the same service via Skype.

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