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From Trapped to Free

Posted on 2 March, 2017 at 9:00


When I think back to how I felt before I began to consciously work with Angels and energy healing I can remember the time in my life when I felt,


> Alone, even when surrounded by family and friends,

> Lost, I had no direction, no desire, no motivation for life,

> Stuck, I had no idea what I wanted for myself or how to change how I felt;

> Emotionally Exhausted, I was so tired, even though all I seemed to do was sleep,

> I doubted my own ability to make even the smallest decision,

> I regularly felt tearful and was totally overwhelmed by any type of change in life.


Many times over the years I have found myself in the mix of thoughts, emotions and memories that give rise to all the above feelings – with one small difference - I know I have been in this place before and I have come through.


Since my very first Angel Oracle reading my life changed – not overnight, but gradually and significantly. I discovered Reiki and ended up following a path for my life that I would never in a million years have mapped out for myself.


I changed my career and began my own business – even in the middle of the recession when logically it was financially the worst time for us, the Angels helped us find a way and Tranquil Spirit was born. It pushed me mentally and emotionally and helped my husband find sanity when he was without work and needed a project to keep him busy; he personally built my beautiful cabin piece by piece – and people have often commented how it seems to be built of Love.

My little log cabin, my haven of peace and tranquility has had so many people come through the doors stressed, tired, drained, depressed and hurting to leave happy, vibrant, revived, enthusiastic, blooming and motivated.


I now recognize that from the moment I began to work with Angels my life changed.


The reason why it changed was because I began to work with a support team that was:


>> Always Available;

>> Loving & Kind;

>> Non-Judgmental;

>> Knew what I felt and needed even before I did;

>> Showed me a new unique and loving perspective of myself and my life;

>> Were not afraid to show me my errors; and how to be better;

>> Helped me to identify and own up to things I was avoiding; and find peace;

>> Always came when I needed and remembered to call.


If I hadn't found them (or if they hadn't shown up for me when they did) I dread to think where I would be in my life today. I often feel that I didn't find them, rather they showed up for me and I simply answered the call, followed the signs and took the nudge in the right direction when it was most needed. I feel our Angels do this for us a lot – we simply need to listen and learn.


Since the beginning of this year I have begun to think back and remember where I have come from in my own life and where I am now. 2014 to 2016 were roller coaster years; between home and family troubles, health, financial and relationship struggles; at one stage last year I was going to close my business as I had lost all self belief and Faith in my own abilities – I had forgotten to use my Angels and Guides and all the lessons I had learned over the years. I made so many decisions without guidance and got very lost. I was influenced by those who didn't have my best interest at heart, but their own. I saw fewer and fewer clients and I was not in a position to help anyone. I was given an ultimatum to make a decision and the choice I made was to give it one last go – but I wasn't going to do it alone. I remembered this time to ask for help and as always my spiritual support team didn't let me down.


Help arrived in very human form and my self belief was reignited, I realized how off track and lost I had become and slowly took concentrated efforts to get back to basics. I had years of learning inside me yet I hadn't fully given myself the benefit some of the most basic things I had learned – and those I successfully helped my clients with.


Since the middle of last year to the present day I have put back into practice everything I learned along the way, all the tools and lessons learned that helped me and took me from despair to feeling free, excited and enthusiastic for Life again. My self belief blossomed again and I grew stronger and braver than ever before.


My new years resolution for 2017 was to let Life Flow and that has certainly been the theme that has stuck with me. That is why I have developed a new program to share with you, my journey with my Angels, my Guides, my Spiritual Support Team – but more importantly my journey with ME.


The “From Trapped to Free” online program has flowed from me these last few months and I am delighted to officially launch it today and offer it to you; EXCLUSIVELY in the Tranquil Self Care group before anywhere else as an online program for helping you to find your own way through Self Love and Self Belief, delivered as I feel on Angel Wings.


This 8 Week Online Program includes =


>> 4 x online Angel Energy Healing Sessions with me;

>> 4 x individually delivered modules of online training that include:

>> Videos Lessons & Exercises,

>> Templates for exercises,

>> Journal for your Angel experiences,

>> Guided meditations and visualizations (all yours to keep beyond the course of the 8 weeks)

>> Personal access to me for support and questions during the 8 weeks.


I can facilitate only 8 people at a time on this program so places are limited. If you would like to learn more or have any questions for me then follow the link below for further details of the program and just what you will receive via the online training.


I have put everything I have into this program – it's my journey from my own depths of depression into finding freedom and healing with the Angels and Energy Healing. I know this has worked for me and countless clients and students who have worked with me. If you genuinely want to change your life for the better and learn to grow and work with your own Angels and your own Energy for healing and support in your life then follow the link and decide for yourself if the “From Trapped to Free” program is for you.


The reason the program is being delivered this way is that I know from experience that simply taking an online course does not help you implement real change or find healing. Nor does using meditations or visualizations every now and then. Rather, it is the consistent practical use and repetition of the exercises combined with the support of a qualified Angel Energy Healing instructor that helps you to implement lasting change and develop your relationship with your Spiritual Support Team. Setting the foundations for a lasting, loving relationship with yourself and your Angels.


There are only 8 places available on this program and once it is filled I will not be able to open any further places until the training is complete. If you book your place before Monday 6th March 2017 you can avail of the discounted price of 8 weekly payments of €30 (use coupon code TSC10). The cost of the program after Monday 6th March is 8 weekly payments of €40.


Follow this link for all the details including how you can avail of a discount until Monday 6th March!

https://form.jotformeu.com/70593298213359" target="_blank">https://form.jotformeu.com/70593298213359

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Warmest wishes,


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