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Relaxing into the Flow of Self Healing

Posted on 3 August, 2016 at 19:30

Relaxing into the Flow of Self Healing

I've set the tone, and now it's time for me to allow myself those precious moments of self care with self healing.  I place my hands on my heart and wait for the energy to flow.  Within moments, my mind has drifted and I'm thinking of things to do, ideas are flowing into my mind, and my heart is racing.  Ooops!  My manic monkey mind has tried to take over again!

In keeping with the theme of quiet mornings while the kids are still sleeping during summer mornings, I am making the most of this quiet time by spending at least 10 minutes on myself with some energy healing.  I set my soft music to play for 15 minutes and life back to go with the flow.

The first thing that kicks in is my manic monkey mind!  Chatter, chatter, ideas popping in from everywhere; my focus begins to trail off with the thoughts that pop into my mind, and when I become aware that the monkey mind has taken over I fear I won't be able to shut it off to return to relaxation.

Then I realise the manic monkey mind has done exactly what it always does - taken control - for the mind fears to let go of control for fear it will cease to be.  What would happen if my mind shut off for even a moment?  Nothing!  Just pure, vacant peace; a deep and still awareness without the need to control.

I struggle to release myself from the mental grasp of the monkey mind, then I find a very clear way of sensing it's grasp is to tune into my physical body.  When I am in the grip of my mind, my body tenses, I feel my shoulders rise and my body get tight.  Realising the tension I am holding, I release the physical tension and allow my thoughts to drift aimlessly - watching rather than interacting, allows my body to drop the tension of keeping the focus and concentration and allows my energy to flow where it is needed.

The mind tells my healing hands where it "thinks" they are needed; while peaceful awareness, simply allows my hands to flow intuitively where they really need to go, without logic or reason; with a comfortable flow, without the need to force the flow.

Of course manic monkey mind continues to pop up again and again; no matter how many years I have been channelling healing for self care; but the key for me has been learning to become aware of what is happening and when I catch my mind misbehaving and attempting to take control, I allow myself to take my "mental hands" off the controls and let my awareness follow where it goes - awareness will always return my energy to its natural intuitive flow.  This is where self care and profound healing and awareness happen.

Let go and Let the energy flow!

What have been your greatest challenges during self healing practice?  Share your tips and thoughts below!

Warmest wishes,

Emily xxx

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