Healing doesn't mean an end of disease or illness; true healing takes place when we find peace within ourselves no matter our outer life circumstances

Self Care & Well Being through Energy Healing


Get to Know the Real You

Posted on 17 May, 2017 at 8:00 Comments comments (0)

Have you ever been surprised by some one else describing you and it sounds as though they are talking about a different person?

Do you consider yourself to have a good opinion of yourself or are you overly critical or harsh with yourself?

Do you hold yourself accountable to such a high standard that it's impossible to live ...

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Flick your Power Switch to Positive

Posted on 2 May, 2017 at 8:05 Comments comments (0)

Did you ever notice how one bad moment in a day can go from one bad day to a bad week to a bad month?  Do you wish you could simply flick a switch and turn your day around. To Flick the Switch to Positive.

I'm not talking about traumatic events but about those days when you simply feel MISERABLE, when you have an overwhelming fee...

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From Trapped to Free

Posted on 2 March, 2017 at 9:00 Comments comments (0)


When I think back to how I felt before I began to consciously work with Angels and energy healing I can remember the time in my life when I felt,


> Alone, even when surrounded by family and friends,

> Lost, I had no direction, no desire, no motivation for life,

> Stuck, I had no idea what I wanted for myself or how to change how ...

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Before you do Anything, Remember to Breathe

Posted on 15 January, 2017 at 14:55 Comments comments (0)

We have a natural gauge for our stress built into our bodies; our breath.  When we pay attention to our breath and how deep or shallow our breathing we can tell just how relaxed we really are.

Spending 10 to 20 minutes a day simply focusing on our breath is enough to introduce a little calm into our day; and don't we deserve the gift of a little calm!

Try the following exercise today and see how it affects the tension in your body:


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Relaxing into the Flow of Self Healing

Posted on 3 August, 2016 at 19:30 Comments comments (0)

Relaxing into the Flow of Self Healing

I've set the tone, and now it's time for me to allow myself those precious moments of self care with self healing.  I place my hands on my heart and wait for the energy to flow.  Within moments, my mind has drifted and I'm thinking of things to do, ideas are flowing into my mind, and my heart is racing.  Ooops!  My manic monkey mind has tried to take over again!

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