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Do you Keep a Promise?

Posted on 13 July, 2017 at 3:15

Do you know the secret to transformation? It's keeping a promise.


When we promise to do something and follow through it gives us a boost to our self esteem, confidence and integrity.


More often than not though we keep promises to others before keeping them for ourselves. Is this you?


When we make a promise to ourselves and we break it, we break trust with ourselves. No matter the excuses we use, we reinforce a message to ourselves that we don't deserve to put ourselves first.


Think of a time in your life when you make a decision, a promise and you stuck to it - how did it make you feel?


In order to see change in your life; in order to transform your life, you must choose integrity; you must choose to make a promise but above all you must choose to KEEP your promise.


What transformation do you want to see?


What promise do you need to make to yourself?


Write it down and put it some where you will see it every day - remind yourself of the promise you've made and remember that you DESERVE to see it through.


About the Author:


Emily Sweeney is a Holistic Therapist and Teacher. Following her own healing journey through depression she helps Men and Women Live Healthier and Happier Lives by focusing on their self care, especially their mental/emotional well being. Through their thoughts, their emotions and their energy.


Find out more about Emily and Tranquil Spirit at www.tranquilspirit.ie

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