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What's YOUR Missing Ingredient?

Posted on 18 May, 2017 at 4:00

Ponder this equation!   "Life Now + ?XXX?  = Where You want to be!"

Do you feel trapped by your current life circumstances?

Do you feel that life will never get any better than this?

Do you feel lost or indecisive?

Does it feel that nothing is going your way?

Do you feel frightened by life?

Have you started to give up even believing it's possible for life to be better?

Are you settling for less because you no longer feel anything better is possible for you?

We all have good days and bad, ups and downs but when you are having more down days than up; then it's likely there is something interfering with your ability to live life fully and freely.  I am a firm believer that we can all make a difference and achieve a harmonious life that leaves you feeling fulfilled, no matter your life situation.  If you answered yes to the above questions, it's likely you may think that statement is a LOAD OF CRAP right now, but hear me out.

I remember getting to a stage in my own life, when I had GIVEN UP believing in myself or that a way of living; other than the miserable day to day existance I was experiencing was possible.  I had lost all drive, motivation or desire to make ANY effort to change how life was and I had to begun to resign myself to the belief that life was simply a series of PUT UP AND SHUT UP.  I found it impossible to imagine that life would or could get any better - maybe for other people, but not for ME.

I HID behind closed doors and stopped accepting invitations to socialize with my friends.  If we did get together, I put on a BRAVE face, did my best, but invariably I felt FRUMPY, out of sync and way too OLD for my years.  I just generally felt that I DIDN'T BELONG.  I began to feel irritated by everyone else's good life stories and even found myself getting slightly JEALOUS of others, which made me feel GUILTY and even worse about myself.  I found it impossible sometimes to genuinely RELATE to other people because I was so lost in my own BUBBLE OF MISERY.

It got to the stage where I began to MAKE-UP reasons why I couldn't meet friends, or AVOIDED phone calls or made up reasons why I wasn't available.

I created a BUBBLE OF ISOLATION around me where I didn't let anybody in.  I felt I would be okay if everyone else JUST LET ME BE.

It affected my relationship with my husband, with my family, and when I refused enough invitations eventually they stopped coming my way.  It got to the stage that if I wanted to save my sanity and my family life I had to make a decision - if there was any chance that life could get better, then it had to come from ME.

I had begun to read and learn about working with the energy of Angels since receiving an Angel card reading and after purchasing a deck of cards for myself it led me on a journey to explore a whole different side to myself.  I began to practice SIMPLE GUIDED MEDITATION and learned to go within myself for peace.  I began a REGULAR practice each day to take time to CARE FOR MYSELF, my inner self.  I took note of the information and messages I received when doing these exercises and what I found was a whole new perspective on myself and how I was living. 

Gone was the judgment, the blame, the condemnation. 

Instead I found a place of pure TRANQUILITY, understanding and FREEDOM TO EXPLORE my feelings safely.

In my life equation, the Angels became the missing ingredient that led me towards where I wanted to be in life - free from the pain and shakles of chronic DEPRESSION and LOW SELF ESTEEM and SELF BELIEF.  It gave me freedom to explore ideas and possibilities about myself I wouldn't have even considered.  It helped me to REBUILD and set the foundations of an INNER CORE STRENGTH and self esteem that I never would've believed possible.  It helped me to rebuild and establish real LOVING, CARING and SUPPORTIVE  RELATIONSHIPS.  It led me on a journey that I am still on, but I am miles and miles away from the isolated, lonely, miserable version of myself that locked herself away from the world and was scared to live fully.

If you can identify with the questions, then likely you need to DISCOVER your missing ingredient.  Whatever that ingredient is, I know one thing for sure, it's NOT in the world OUTSIDE of yourself, the answer that you need is right inside YOU.

If you long to be free to live a life that feels free, and that you are LIVING FULLY o the very BEST of your ability, it starts with YOU.  You really are the only one who can make a difference to YOUR life. 

Ask yourself:

Is the life I am living now fulfilling?

Is the current version of me the best I can be?

Do I feel deserving of better from life?

Do I long to find my place in my life?

Do I long to thrive rather than simply survive?

If you answered yes to the above questions then I think you may be able to rekindle the fire within yourself, just like I did.  It all starts with a single step - making a decision to TRY!

If I can help you to Find that Freedom and Thrive then please don't hesitate to ask me.  That is why I founded Tranquil Spirit.  I know connecting with your own energy is the way to find freedom and to recognise that EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS ALREADY INSIDE YOU.  Perhaps you only need a little bit of SUPPORT to find your way.

That is why I created the From Trapped to Free online program.  It contains all the tools I used when I began to journey within myself.

It takes you on a journey from UNDERSTANDING and LOVING yourself to working with the Angels to CREATE the life you want.

It's contains all the exercises, meditations and support systems that helped me to ESCAPE my isolated bubble and begin to LIVE LIFE FULLY again.

DO YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR MISSING INGREDIENT?  Talk to me today about the From Trapped to Free program.

Registration ENDs AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT,  so decide to put yourself first TODAY, decide to TRY and take the first step on your healing journey!

=> FROM TRAPPED TO FREE Information and Registration details:



The From Trapped to Free Program is delivered fully ONLINE over an 8 week period. 

Delivering exercises, meditations, and support in the comfort of your OWN HOME.

This online 8 week program consists of:


4 x PERSONAL Angel Energy Healing Sessions with me via Skype/Face Time


4 x online training modules delivered fortnightly;


Each module includes:

= > Video Lesson with Instructions on how to use Templates for Exercises

= > Audio Guided Visualization and Meditation

= > Online Journal and Templates for completing Exercises

All online training modules are available for you to KEEP for their LIFETIME, beyond the 8 weeks of the program; so you can refer back to the lessons and repeat the exercises as often as you like, as well as utilizing the meditations and visualizations.

= > Online ACCESS TO ME throughout the 8 Weeks of the program for SUPPORT  or to answer any QUESTIONS.

=> http://www.tranquilspirit.ie/from-trapped-to-free

We WORK TOGETHER via Skype using ANGEL ENERGY HEALING  to identify the missing ingredient to help you get to where you WANT to be Living, rather than EXISTING!

An Angel Energy Healing sessions lasts for approximately an hour and a half and involves a full Angel Oracle Card Reading (12 Card Full Reading Spread); followed by PERSONALIZED guided meditation and visualization – TAILOR MADE for you personally and based on YOUR specific NEEDS.

The benefit of an AEH session is that through the Angel Card Reading it helps you to identify what is the core theme or issue that is prevalent for you and how you can find healing, peace and resolution. The guided meditation and visualization helps you to firstly find some relief to any stress or tension that you may be feeling in relation to the core issue and to utilize your own energy matrix to find a resolution and healing.

I SUPPORT YOU to work through the online training modules.  Giving you the RESOURCES to implement the self care strategies that will make the difference to your life that you are working to achieve.

There are FOUR MODULES OF ONLINE CONTENT delivered over the course of the 8 weeks to take you from connecting with your own authentic spiritual self and your energy field to working with your Guardian Angels and the Archangels for a better quality life and engagement in living.


= >  The Modules are broken down as follows:

>> Module 1: Introduction to your Spirit and the real you!

This module deals with understanding your own spirit and energy matrix for greater self belief, self love and self acceptance

= > It includes exercises on recognizing your inner voice, connecting to your inner spirit; protection for your energy and grounding for your energy.

>> Module 2: Introduction to your Energy

This module helps you to understand your life through the realm of energy, how you can maintain your energy or release any blockages that you have in your energy matrix; allowing you to better utilize your own ability to heal and grow as a fully integrated living being.


= > It includes exercises on the Chakra Energy system as well as releasing blocks in our energy to developing our senses and recognizing just what Spiritual Growth is.

>> Module 3: Introduction to the Realm of Guardian Angels, Angels and Spirit Guides

This module takes you outside your own spirit and energy matrix into the realm of your Angels and Spirit Guides. Helping you to connect and build relationships with your Spiritual Support Team.

= > It includes exercises on meditating with your Guardian Angel and Invoking Archangels.

>> Module 4: Deepen and Develop your Angelic Connection

On this final module of the course we combine your understanding of your own energy and your spiritual support team to include working with Angels of the Colour Rays and Channeling Angelic Messages (including discerning the guidance you receive).

=> It includes exercises on Meditations with Archangels, a database on the Angels of the Colour Rays as well as learning how to channel messages from the Angels.

Each module is delivered every fortnight with a personal Angel Energy Healing session in between. So you will WORK WITH ME PERSONALLY and work on your own – helping to build your CONFIDENCE and ABILITY to develop your own relationship with your Angels while supported by me.

The program is delivered in this way because I know from experience that simply taking an online course does not help you implement real change or find healing. Nor does using meditations or visualizations every now and then. Rather, it is the CONSISTANT PRACTICAL USE  and REPETITION of the exercises combined with the SUPPORT of a qualified Angel Energy Healing instructor that helps you to implement lasting change and develop your relationship with your Spiritual Support Team. Setting the FOUNDATIONS for a lasting, loving relationship with yourself and your Angels.

There are only a FEW places remaining before  REGISTRATION CLOSES at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

The total cost of investment is €320 which can be paid in full or installments.

There are part payment options available to help you break the investment cost down into weekly or monthly payments.

You can reserve your place on the program with the link below:
=> Register here!

If you have any questions regarding the course please feel free to contact me at emily@tranquilspirit.ie.


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