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Fine Tuning the Laws of Gratitude

Posted on 10 May, 2017 at 14:05

You've read the books, bought the DVDs and the CDs. Indeed you may have the certificates on the wall and numerous others filed away. Do you feel you're doing everything you should but still it seems nothing is changing? Are you so focused on blessings it's almost painful........but the outcome you're looking for still isn't rolling in! What is going wrong????


Is this you? Are you finding yourself frustrated at the universe? 

Then you're NOT ALONE!


Are you sick of sticking to the laws of gratitude; those practices that are supposed to help us attract positive vibrant energy our way. Sometimes we can feel so sick of trying to feel grateful when the same s**t keeps coming our way?

I know exactly how that feels, what it's like to have all the know how and all the experience of doing what you think is the RIGHT THING only to find that life still seems to be throwing a lot of crap in my direction.

However, all is not lost!

Over the years it seems I've turned into a PERSEVERING and stubbornly PERSISTENT student of life and I feel I may have IDENTIFIED some of the FINER ASPECTS of working with the Laws of Gratitude and the ENERGY of the UNIVERSE that we aren't always told about and have to find out the hard way.


To save YOU some of the hard work and painful experiences I've had along the way I'm going to SHARE what I've found with you, in the hopes that it will help you to KEEP GOING and keep TRYING to find the right ingredients to attracting the life that you want for yourself!

I have shelves of self help books.  I've followed the guru's and I've signed up for every email list there is.  I too have the certiciates of courses upon courses, some have made it onto my healing room wall and others have not.  I've prayed, cajolled and even bartered with God and the universe.  On my lowest days I've felt like GIVING IT ALL UP and putting up with life just because.....meh, I couldn't be bothered anymore!

However, that stubborn persistent little voice deep inside kept niggling: 

> If I give up trying I'm giving up on my DREAMS.

> If I give up now I'll be left wondering - WHAT IF? 

> If I give up now I'll continue to feel that I'm NOT GOOD ENOUGH to receive or make my life better than it is. 

Actually not only would I continue to feel that way I'd be TELLING MYSELF it's TRUE because I won't even try to tell myself anything different; by TRYING to make a difference.

But what if I STAY WITH IT and FINE TUNE the process?

> I may discover HOW it works for ME!

> I may begin to see RESULTS!

> I may GROW personally and ACHIEVE something for myself!

Unless I TRY I will never KNOW!

So I did just that.  I chose to STICK WITH THE PROCESS and I started to LEARN how to fine tune it for MYSELF. 

I'd like to share what I discovered in FOUR SIMPLE STEPS! 

Having said that these steps weren't EASY, they didn't present themselves to me in the neatly ORGANIZED format I'm sharing with you.  They came at me all together in a RUSH, a whilrlwind of experience, feelings, thoughts and insights that sent my mind and my energy into CHOAS until I found some sense in the madness I was experiencing. 

So hopefully to SAVE YOU FROM THE CHAOS here is what I discovered, in digestible format:


>> What are you trying to attract?

Asking the universe to shower you with abundance is like sending your child to the supermarket for food.  There's too much to choose from.  So let's get a little clearer. 

You ask the universe for "financial" abundance; unfortunately this too poses a problem.  You've only told your child that you want food for dinner (their idea of dinner may not be yours). 

Ask the universe to shower you with more than enough financial abundance to cover your household bills; your personal needs and savings for rainy days is getting a little bit clearer again.  Your little shopper now knows you're looking for Steak! 

If you want to be extra clear tell the universe you want X amount of financial flow coming your way every month!  You're little shopper now knows you're looking for 1.5" thick 14 oz Sirloin Steak - Voilá you've placed a clear order! 


>> What are your thoughts, words and actions attracting?

So you've placed your clear order with the universe.  Our metaphorical child is setting out towards the supermarket to pick up your 1.5" thick 14 oz Sirloin Steak; but you start to think "it's never going to happen for me" (the child stalls); you think or say out loud, "I'm broke", "I can't afford that" (the child is getting confused now - do you still want what you ordered?) finally you distract yourself from your financial concerns by avoiding them at all cost (the child now thinks you no longer want your order filled and silently awaits further instruction from you).

If we've placed an order with the universe but behave in such a way that we show little faith or belief in what we're doing then our words and wishes are completely negated by what we think, say and do!  If your thoughts, words and actions are not aligned with attracting what you want then you're repelling it from entering your life.

It's not enough to make a wish and hope it'll come through, you must take steps towards creating the reality too. 

Using our finanical example, if you're trying to attract X amount of financial flow your way at the moment but avoid dealing with your current finanical circumstances, either by avoiding looking at or accounting for your spending; if you have no clarity on your incomings and outgoings and avoid looking at ways that you can save or reduce spending; then your actions are telling the universe you don't care. 

If you're thoughts are focused on lack, only allowing yourself to see what you don't have rather than acknowledging both sides of the equation then you're attracting more of the same. 

If you use words such as "I don't have enough", "I cannot afford it" or "I'm broke" this is what the universe delivers.  In terms of language a great reframing for these situations is to say instead "I CHOOSE not to buy this"; this statement is empowering taking the control and decisions about your financial matters back into your hands.

Another energy that blocks the flow is if your life is filled with clutter; a cluttered home, car or work environment all infer a cluttered mind.  There is no space for 'more' or 'new' to enter.

Awareness of the unconscious message you present to the universe helps you to align your hopes and dreams with your energy.  It grounds your dreams into reality.


>> Where do I need to make changes?

This has always been the most challenging step and usually the one that most people get stuck on.  When you're clear on what you want in life and are taking steps to address your thoughts, language and action about it, but there is still that deep inner feeling that "I'm not good enough to have that life" or "I don't deserve it" or "I'm not worthy" and "it won't work for me" then there is a deeper inner gremlin at play.  This is where I've found my healing back ground helps.  By delving deeper into the thoughts or beliefs that block my energy flow I have learned to question and resolve those inner conflicts. 

I see them like boulders in a flowing river that obstruct or slow the flow of water.  By chipping away at them I can identify what they represent or break them into smaller more managible pebbles that don't block the path of my energy.  One way of doing this is to relax into a meditative state and ask yourself questions about the boulder:

> What does it represent?

> Why is it here?

> What do I need to resolve?

> How can I resolve this?

If this process is too hard for you to manage alone, consider working with someone to help you to tap into those aspects within your energy that you struggle to process on your own.  That brings me to the final step....


>> Who can help me?

One of the misconceptions about the Laws of Gratitude is that they are delivered magically and we often dismiss those wonderful blessings that come our way through the intervention of other people in our lives.  Sometimes its through those we already know, other times its someone new that enters our life.

When you're working through the third step of Healing, consider what could help you to delve deeper and resolve any blockages more easily.  Perhaps something as simple as finding the perfect "how to" video on You Tube or reading a wonderfully inspiring book that resonates.  Perhaps there is a speaker, an author, a guru or a leader who's message speaks to you.

Help comes in many forms.  A word of caution though.  Don't follow advice blindly.  I have found over the years that there are many people who know the THEORY of things but have little real knowledge or EXPERIENCE about what they preach.  Be discerning in those who's guidance you follow.  Listen to those who not only speak but lead by EXAMPLE and there is a genuine quality to what they have to say.  Above all stick with your gut.  You will resonate with the right person if you give them time to reveal themselves to you.

There you have it! 

My four simple steps to FINE TUNING THE LAWS OF GRATITUDE. 

I would love to tell you that I have achieved all that I have ever dreamed but the honest truth is that my life like everyone else's Life is a work in progress.  If I stop dreaming then I've stopped living.  I have seen energy, people, finances and many blessings of all kinds flow into my life when I needed them most and I firmly believe that choosing to work with life and learn from it is the key to living a blessed and happy existence.

I wish the same for you!

Warmest wishes,

Emily xo

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